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Break Bread With Us

Time Honored Traditions

For almost three decades, Wildflower has set out to bring back the tradition of artisan bread making to food lovers across Arizona. Our passion is a daily commitment to creating award winning, naturally leavened, hard-crusted artisan bread. We follow time-honored and old world methods to produce world-class bread.

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We use a variety of starters everyday to mix an assortment of doughs. Our skilled mixers add additional ingredients like wholesome grains, seeds, fresh herbs and dried fruits to produce unique and flavorful varieties of artisan bread.


We are committed to using only the finest ingredients. Each loaf is nurtured by our skilled team of breadheads to ensure that we produce the finest quality breads for you. 

Artisan Bakers

Everyday, at the end of a two-day fermentation process, our passionate artisan bakers delicately place our bread on stone hearths in a European deck oven. During the baking cycle, steam is injected into the oven to give our bread its shiny appearance and golden artisan crust that Wildflower customers love. 

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Artisan Bakers
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