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Artisan Breads. Wholesale Bakery.
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Handcrafted Breads & Rolls

Wildflower Bread Wholesale
Wildflower Bread Wholesale
Wildflower Bread Wholesale

What Makes Us Special

When it comes to bread-making, our commitment is to excellence and to the preservation of a true art form. Our award-winning recipes attest to the fact that we take pride in every loaf of bread we produce. Using time-honored traditions, each loaf of bread takes over seventy-two hours to create. The result is fresh, hard-crusted bread ranging from airy and light to dense & delectable. Wildflower Bread Company is an award-winning, wholesale artisan bread supplier.

  • Servicing hotels, multi-unit restaurants, and businesses for over 25 years in Arizona

  • Proudly serving Flagstaff, Sedona, Prescott, Greater Phoenix & Tucson markets

  • Wide selection of artisan breads

  • 6 Delivery Days per Week

  • Fresh, Never Frozen

  • Premium Ingredients

  • No Additives

  • No Preservatives

Wildflower Bread Wholesale


Fresh baked bread makes everything better

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